At Ironsides Animal Health, we strive to offer all of your farming and ranching needs. While we provide several services in house, we pride ourselves on creating lasting, cross-sector relationships to maximize full service potential. From diagnostics to nutritional formulation, we team up with some of the best names in the industry to assure that all of your needs are met. We know that the key to a successful and prosperous operation is being financially responsible and at IAH, your profitability is our number one concern.


Dr. J. Oliver Irons has been immersed in the beef industry since childhood. While growing up on his family operation in southern West Virginia he learned valuable lessons and insight on what it takes to succeed in the industry. His passion for cattle led him to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine at Auburn University where he specialized his experience with a broad exposure to the industry including bovine export trade, Cornell University-Summer Dairy Institute, International Livestock Congress -Calgary and Denver, feedlot medicine, and the USDA Smith-Kilborne Foreign Animal Disease program. Today, Dr. Irons is active in American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Academy of Veterinary Consultants, and just completed the two-year Executive Veterinary Program- Beef hosted by University of Illinois and Kansas State University. Being the owner of his own purebred Angus herd, Dr. Irons is an active member of the American Angus Association and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, where he has participated in both of their Young Cattlemen’s Conferences. His progressive mindset and dedication to the industry are one of a kind. Dr. Irons offers consultation services throughout the United States.

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