Welcome to Ironsides Cattle

Located in the heart of the Greenbrier River Valley just outside Lewisburg, West Virginia, Ironsides is a picturesque environment with rolling hills of green, lush grass creating a productive environment for cattle to reside.  With continuous flowing springs emerging from the base of the hill sides providing unlimited, clean water sources for the cattle to thrive, combined with the native orchard, blue, and clover grasses growing in a cooler, mountain-surrounded climate,  we are fortunate to be in the business of producing quality cattle for fellow cattlemen and consumers alike. 

In 1975, a young William “Bill” Irons, Jr. emerged into the cattle business following his conclusion as a student at Marshall University.  Previously, the family farm in Lewisburg had been a weekend reserve for Bill and his sisters to keep their American Saddlebred horses which they showed regionally.  Since Bill’s beginning in the cattle business, he has owned, managed, and brokered thousands of cattle across the country at all stages of production including cow/calf, backgrounding, stockers, and feedlot.

Today, Ironsides Cattle continues what Bill started; son, Oliver and son-in-law Zack combine in the effort to manage the operation which focuses on producing superior purebred and commercial Angus based genetics that perform as replacements within a herd or on feed to be harvested for beef loving consumers.   In addition, Ironsides brokers cows, calves, and yearlings throughout the year not only to stock their own pastures but also to provide a marketing outlet for long-time customers. To learn more about the service and experience we have to offer, please visit our About us page.

Mature Cowherd Dispersal and Replacement Female Sale

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 6 PM
Staunton Union Stockyard
Staunton, VA

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